Monday, July 6, 2009

I Like My Yoga HOT!


I'm back (for real this time)!

There aren't that many updates about my life. Just the usual - dating, working, eating, staying regular. The most exciting part of my life has been starting Hot Yoga. I've been practising at Sweat Box on Capital Hill. Boyfriend and I have gone to about 27 classes and I've already noticed a significant difference. My flexibility and posture have improved, I have greater lung capacity and my belly is almost gone! I also lost seven pounds (doh!) within the first month of going to class.

Also, I went to the doctor two weeks ago for a check-up and the nurse asked me if I was a runner because my heart rate was in the mid-50s which she said was usually the rate for physically fit people.

According to the calculator below, I burn 973 calories during each class (I'm at 143 pounds and I practise Bikram Yoga for 90 minutes a class). I'm not sure how accurate the calculator is, but either way I know I get an intense workout every time I go to class. I highly recommend it!

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