Monday, August 18, 2008

Singers for Hire


Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi got married over the weekend, which is pretty exciting news. Yay for gay marriage!

Sadly, I'm probably more excited that Ellen and Portia invited the very handsome singer-songwriter Joshua Radin to perform his collection of mushy love songs at their wedding. I forget sometimes that artists can be hired for private performances, at the right price of course.

I probably won't be able to afford inviting Mariah Carey to sing "Touch My Body" and "Emotions" at my next birthday party, but in the future, lesser known artists such as Joshua Radin might be affordable. I should start saving up.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hot damn!

So my blog pretty much exploded, thanks to my previous post about Isis being a transgendered contestant in the upcoming cycle of Top Model. I've had over 2,500 visitors in the past two days, which is 2,495 more than I would usually get. Thanks, Dlisted!

However, I started second guessing myself after some of my coworkers asked me if I was 100% sure that Isis was indeed transgendered. I guess I wasn't entirely sure, but I was pretty confidant that I was right. Luckily, I got confirmation today from Gossip Wire. Phew!! How horrible would that have been if I was wrong!? I would have been humiliated for spreading an internet-wide rumor.

Good thing I was right, as I usually am. I'm totally rooting for Isis now.

On an unrelated note, I just learned about Michael Phelps 12,000 calorie a day diet from Yahoo! News. That's insane! That's how I have to start eating if I ever want to reach my Happy Weight. My weight gain diet is going well though, I'm up to 141! I no longer look emaciated, hurrah!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Top Model Cycle 11 Twist! I KNEW IT!

I totally called this! Previous twists in past ANTM seasons have been to include contestants who are lesbian, bisexual, plus size, autistic, and twins, and now Tyra's going to have a transgendered girl on the show! Photos for season 11 were just released and Isis, who was briefly shown in cycle 11, will be an actual contestant! Check it out!

Isis from a promo pic of top model cycle 11.

Isis from the homeless photoshoot of cycle 10.

Reciprocity Foundation

I'm so excited, but kind of sad that my working uterus never came in the mail...better luck for cycle 12!

Update: Thanks to all the visitors from for checking out my blog! I've never received this many clicks before. Check out the rest of my blog too before you leave, I've got everything from skid marks to portly strangers to bad farmer's tans.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Skid Mark Alert!

On our way home from work today, my sister snapped the picture bellow of a biker heading up Pine. Someone forgot to wipe...


It's a little difficult to see, but the quality is surprisingly good considering my sister used her new iphone. Here's a close-up:


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Giggling Babies, Dandylions and Butterflies!

In June, I wrote an entry titled
These are a few of my favorite things
about all the queries that people typed into search engines to discover my blog. Some of my favorite searches included "how to stop old lady feeding pigeons in my neighbourhood" and "dog sadism".

Well, yesterday morning I had a visitor from the Russian Federation who found my site through Google. This person's search query is now my new favorite:

kids sadism sites

Who are these people and what kind of sick fetish sites are they expecting to find on the internet!? I searched for "kids sadism sites" in Google and my blog is the fifth site listed. Damnit! Even worse, when searching for the phrase "dog sadism", my site is listed first in the organic search results.

I really need to start writing about more pleasant things if I ever want normal people to find my blog. Sadly, I'll probably have more sickos coming to my site now since I used the terms "Russian Federation", "kids sadism" and "sick fetish sites" in this blog entry. Well, it's high time that I start attracting my desired target audience!

Chocolate cake, gardening, turnips, food network, america's next top model cycle 11, so you think you can dance, just dance lady gaga, seattle, hungry hungry hippos, zac efron in high school musical 3, hurray!

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