Thursday, March 5, 2009

Even Supermodels like Free Food


So after three glorious hours of season premieres yesterday (America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 and Make Me a Supermodel Season 2) I've decided who I will be rooting for in the coming weeks. First, Gabriel (picture above) from Supermodel is hot. Well, the kinda guy I find hot anyway - skinny and broody looking. The photo shoot of him in his skivvies was quite nice.

The girls from Top Model this cycle look like they're all recycled versions of girls from previous seasons. The only stand-out girl for me is Allison. Her eyes look like crazy anime eyes but any girl who finds bloody noses beautiful is good in my book.


And finally...


Get a free Kashi frozen dinner here! Kashi doesn't make the tastiest or most satisfying of the frozen meals I've tried, but you can't beat free. They're also a lot healthier.

Thanks to my co-worker Drew for pointing this out.

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