Monday, December 31, 2007

It's NOT poppin'

I went to the drug store this weekend to buy some lip balm for my crackly lips. There were too many choices. So naturally, I picked the most expensive one, Burt's Bees, assuming that I would get what I paid for in quality.

I want my money back because the lip balm tastes like bathroom. Seriously, bathroom. I don't care that it's made with natural ingredients and that the tube contains 50% post-industrial recycled plastic. Who's going to kiss my well-moisturized lips for New Years if they taste like bathroom? I'm writing a letter.


AR said...

Which kind was it? Cause I quite enjoy the peppermint scented burts bees lip balms.

lookrichbitch said...

what does bathroom taste like?? i certainly know what bathrooms SMELL like.

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