Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gladiator Ready?!


So I finally watched the new American Gladiators show on NBC this week. Loved it. It was 60 minutes of spandex and pure magic.

Watching the show helped me to realize a new life goal. No, not to be on the show. Although if I were on the show I would be called Sea Bass... or Mischief.

Anyhoo, my goal is to become a reality tv show writer. I would be great at feeding people bad lines and making people look bad. And! Now is the perfect time to start my new career, with the writer strike still going strong.

That's right. I have no shame. I'd totally be a scab and cross the picket line for a chance to write for top model.

1 comment:

Ching said...

Do not work for top model! Tyra will screw you over big time. Remember the end of cycle 5? or was it 6? or whenever it all started going to crap.

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