Monday, January 28, 2008

You're still in the running to be Miss America

My choice in TV shows this weekend made my homosexuality sashay to a whole new level.

Men's figure skating and Miss America.

Glorious. I'm still bitter that Johnny Weir was robbed of his title, so I'll focus on Miss America.

Miss America was basically a reality tv show this year. It's on TLC now and a few weeks before the pageant, they had a "Miss America : Reality Check" where the girls were put in teams, forced to live in a big house together, and do challenges. And of course, every week the girls were ranked into a top and bottom 3.

They even gave the girls makeovers and some of the girls had their hair chopped off by Kim Vo. Yeesh!

The pageant itself got a makeover too in hopes of increasing interest and viewership. The girls got updated looks to portray the modern woman, and instead of picking out the top girls, there were eliminations. They also made the girls who were eliminated sit to the side of the stage and eat carbs. I'm serious! They brought out a tray of pastries and donuts.

Oh, and Miss Washington won 3rd. YES

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