Thursday, January 17, 2008

To the Orient!

Ry and I bought tickets to Hong Kong and Japan today. Our goals for the trip:

Hong Kong
- Fly. Everyone can fly when they're in China as we discovered from Crouching Tiger
- Have dim sum and dim sum more
- Confuse locals by having a conversation with Ry in Cantonese
- Befriend the daughter of a triad boss and get sucked into the dangerous underworld of Hong Kong crime and prostitution
- Eat at Pizzahut

- Capture a Harajuku girl with a Pokeball
- Challenge a stranger to a hot dog eating competition
- Tip over a Sumo wrestler
- ANTM Cycle 3 cell phone photoshoot in a Ryokan wearing a kimono
- Hug Hello Kitty
- Laugh politely
- Whore Ry out as a Gaysha so Kevin can buy more tonkatsu ramen

1 comment:

Ching said...

we should dig up the scavenger list we made for Trev and see how many you can find.

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