Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meat Sticks

Last Friday, I was craving something salty at work so I decided to try one of those nasty looking meat sticks (Oberto's peps) that the office-men are always eating. But, before taking a bite of the meat stick I wanted to check out the nutrition facts to see if eating the meat stick would help me with my weight gain diet. Turns out the leading ingredient of meat sticks is PORK HEART! Haha, crazzzy!

Kind of funny though since I'm always telling people they don't put enough "heart" into their cooking.

And yes, I was trying to see how many times I could get away with writing "meat sticks" in my blog.

Meat Sticks


Annie Rose said...

So I told Bruce that little revelation and he goes "Those things are SO good!" Not the reaction I expected. SUCH a boy.

lookrichbitch said...

I loooooove cocktail peps!

In elementary school, we could buy them after lunch for $0.50 a stick. mmmm... We even had a song for it! (To the tune of Frere Jacques.)

Pepperoni, pepperoni
Fifty cents, fifty cents
Don't forget to buy one
Don't forget to buy one
Yum yum good
Yum yum good

I'm not a boy.

Trev said...

One can only imagine what sort of hits you'll get from search engines now...

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