Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's new pussycat?

My sister's friend offered us a cat yesterday since he has too many. Karen is considering adopting it. I'm not sure if it's such a good idea considering all of us are allergic, especially her boyfriend.

I don't really mind since I won't be the one taking care of the cat, and I have my own floor and can just close the door to keep allergens out. The nice thing about adopting this cat over getting a kitten is that it's already 6 years old, so it's trained and we know what type of personality it has. It won't be as cute as a kitten though.

Another plus of adopting this cat is the satisfaction guarantee we've been offered by her friend. If we're too allergic or can't handle the cat, we can return it to him.

So, these are the steps to determining if you're ready for children:

1. Have Kevin (or any other little brother) as a room mate
2. Adopt a cat
3. Have babies!

I would much rather get a hamster. We can put the hamster in one of those little plastic balls and attach it to the Roomba! What fun.

By the way, here's a fantastic video of little kittens fighting. There's a delightful suprise at the end!


Elle said...

If you get a cat I'm not coming over anymore.

But on a related note I think we're going to get a puppy soon! For real this time!

lookrichbitch said...

oooh.. barfy cat.

I'm allergic too but I likey.

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