Friday, December 12, 2008

New York New York!

I'm off to New York tomorrow! I'm being sent out to work at our Hoboken office for a week. I'm flying out a little early with my lovely boyfriend to enjoy all the lights and holiday cheer in the city. It'll be a rough flight (it's at 7am) especially since my office's holiday party is tonight. Better not go overboard with the open bar.

New York/Hoboken will be fun regardless. Things I definitely want to do this weekend:

- Dumplings at Joe's Shanghai
- Dinner at Blue Hill
- Christmas tree at Rockefeller
- Stroll around 5th and Park Ave
- Stroll through Central Park and maybe ice skate
- Get Jewish food
- Dance Dance Dance!

I can't wait!


Elle said...

EXCUSE YOU. Were you not going to bring me along so we could go see Harry Potter's magic wand???

lookrichbitch said...

WTH?? You better send me a pic of you eating at Joe's Shanghai. Crab soup dumplings.. *drool*

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