Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I get what I want

I had been craving a Mcdonald's sausage egg mcmuffin since yesterday morning. I settled with a Starbuck's breakfast sandwich but it just didn't cut it. So today, I made a run for the closest Mcdonald's (on the pier) during my 10 minute break and I managed to make it there and back in 11 minutes. Hurrah!

Success has never tasted so greasy...Mmm



lookrichbitch said...


I'm soooo jealous!

Shin said...

I'm partial to the regular egg mcmuffin's myself. I've had McDonald's each weekend for the past three weekends... glorious! If I were to get a car, it would be for McDonald trips and those trips alone. Although I guess the monthly trip to OCB as well. wait, you have access to a car...

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