Thursday, April 10, 2008

I might as well eat lard

My sister's friend Shara is trying to gain weight too. She forwarded this article to me : How to gain weight

Here are some tips they recommend:

Tips for Increasing Calories While Keeping a Healthy Diet

  • Add cheese, nuts and dressings made with olive, walnut or canola oil to salads.
  • Eat starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn more often.
  • Go for dried fruits or fruit juices as healthy higher calorie snacks.
  • Add cream or cheese sauces to fish and baked chicken breast.
  • Choose herbs and spices to increase the flavors of your food rather than relying on salt.
  • Add powdered milk to soups and sauces to offer calories and protein.
  • Spread Peanut butter on whole grain bread, apples or celery sticks to get a great source of protein and calories.
  • Stick with healthy desserts, such as a bowl of berries with whipped topping and lot of chopped nuts.
  • Spoon healthy salad dressings on sandwiches and as a dip for vegetables.
  • Dip whole grain bread into olive oil, walnut oil or flax seed oil. If you don't care for much meat, add legumes such as black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans as protein sources.
  • Pick dark chocolate as a treat. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that other sweets don't have.
What healthy choices!
Might I add a few...
  • Drink melted butter instead of water.
  • Move less.
  • Fry all your meals.

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