Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cough Cough Snort

I'm sick of being sick! I've been sick since last week and this is my fourth time being sick this year. I don't get why I'm so unhealthy. I'm careful about what I eat - plenty of red meat and butter. I exercise - jump n jacks and naked lunges all over the house. And, I'm such a good person. How could these germs attack a genuinely altruistic and kind-hearted person?

Anyways, my manager Gwen has a pet peeve where she can't stand when people make sniffling or snorting noises. Since I'm so diseasely my nose has been runny a lot and my first reaction is always to sniffle or snort. Gwen has magic ears and always glares at me when I sniffle so I have to be super careful in the office.

There was a company meeting at the sister office in Hoboken today and I was sniffling and snorting away to make sure that snot didn't run down my face. Little did I know, Gwen was actually attending the meeting via webex. Crap!

After the meeting I sent her an IM to make sure she didn't hear any of the sniffling. Luckily, she didn't! Phew.. I was sitting in the front of the room by the microphone too so I lucked out. She asked me why I was sick so much and if I had seen a doctor yet. I hadn't. I don't even have a doctor! I was dropped from my parents insurance plan last year after turning 22 and my primary care physician isn't covered by my current plan! So annoying.

I know I have my own insurance from work but I'm too lazy to find my own doctor. I haven't even found a dentist yet even though I have dental insurance. I haven't seen a dentist in 2 years! I hate the idea of having to find a doctor or a dentist. I don't like doing all this adult stuff.

I explained this to Gwen over AIM. She says she'll ask around for me though to see if anyone knows a good doctor and dentist downtown. I hope she does too, because lord knows I'll never find one on my own.

how shameful for me!

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