Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crazy for Top Model!

Seattle has some serious issues with Top Model...

Siblings squabble over 'America's Next Top Model'

A Columbia City woman was stabbed and nearly killed last month allegedly because she and her friends were being too loud watching "America's Top Model."

On Friday, the reality show struck again. This time, Tyra Banks and her gaggle of wiry model wanna-be's were at the heart of a sibling squabble in Northgate fit for a taping of Jerry Springer.

It started when a teacher in her twenties told her younger brother he'd been playing video games "for hours" and said she wanted to watch a recorded episode of "America's Next Top Model," according to a police report.

Her brother, also in his twenties, became "irate." He threw a remote control at his sister. It hit her hand and nicked the TV. Apparently undaunted, she went for the wall socket and started to unplug his video game. Pretty soon both were wrestling with the wires and each other until the sister called 911 and the brother ran from the house on the 1200 block of Northeast 102nd Street "in an unknown direction."

Once again, these two are in their twenties.

The woman had "red marks and a small bruise" on her hand, according to the report. The struggle also left her with a small scratch on her knee. No charges were filed.

The woman declined medical attention. But maybe she got to watch the show.



Shin said...

Am I going to see you in the news soon as well?

Anonymous said...

i wonder what ethnicity this pair of sibling is.

and yes, i'm still stalkin you from afar...


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